Matwork Classes

Our group matwork classes utilise small props such as therabands, hand weights and Pilates balls.
We have a maximum of 5 participants per session in order to continue to offer you a personalised experience.

Our matwork classes also have specific focuses in order to reflect where you may be in your life and what you need to centre on.  By  keeping class sizes small we can offer more individual instruction and modifications if needs be.


Contact us if you are interested in joining any classes mid-term or would like to be put on a wait list for term 3.    

Click on our different class types below for more information.

Over 50's

A tailored class for those over 50 to help you discover that at any age, you can feel healthy and fit when you exercise with full awareness of your body’s changing nature.  These classes are carefully designed to minimise stress on the body yet provide a stimulating workout.


Suitable for beginners.

Classes start 22nd April


Spine Health

A remedial level Pilates course that will focus on counterbalancing the stresses that our current lifestyles put on the spine. This class includes targeted strengthening on prone areas that cause back pain and fascia release techniques.

Suitable for beginners 

Classes start 27th May for a 5 week foundations course.


Lotus Pose

A gentle flowing class that uses the six Pilates principles to connect your mind and body leaving you feeling more centered.

Suitable for beginners who are injury free. 

Classes start 20th April, Tuesdays 6.45pm


Girls Doing Push Ups

Our Intermediate level class which is an upbeat class that  pushes your Pilates technique to the next level. Using the body dynamically to get it strengthening and stretching.

This class is perfect for those who are ready to challenge themselves.


Pregnancy Pilates

These classes are specifically designed for the pregnant body. They can help strengthen and prepare the body for birth which can also aid in the healing process afterwards. The gentle stretches and movements can also assist with the aches and pains that come when pregnant.

Next course starts 22nd April, Thursdays 6.45pm


Post-natal Pilates

We are passionate about supporting mothers on their journey back to exercise after having babies These classes have  a focus on restoring the core and Pelvic floor health.
No matter how far post-natal you are, this course is also for mums with abdominal separation issues, pelvic floor issues or back pain issues.

Kids Pilates 

Our Mindful Movement Kids Pilates classes incorporate Pilates, yoga and meditation in order to help your child become more intune and appreciative of their bodies.

Yoga Pose