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Postanal Pilates 

At Reform Pilates we have received training specific to women's health the body goes through great changes during this period of a women's life and exercises should be tailored to reflect this.

In order to prevent any long term repercussions to your abdominals and pelvic floor Post-natal Pilates classes are aimed not at just making you feel fit, but helping you become more knowledgeable and educated  about your needs as a post-natal woman.

This is a slow paced educational class, suitable for those with abdominal separation or pelvic floor issues, no matter how far along post-natal.

On this short course we cover - 

Pelvic floor health

Core weakness

Application for exercise in daily life

Abdominal separation issues

Pelvis Stability

How to safely stretch post-natal

Posture analysis

Incontinence Issues

Upper body tension release

Spine health

Exercise Progressions (planks, abdominals, push-ups ect) 


When - 

Classes Run On Demand Only 

We currently recommend our private or duet studio sessions for new mums.

Who - 

Postnatal women 6wks + 

No Pilates experience necessary

Motherhood Session - 

Contact us if you are interested in our one off   Motherhood Session which includes - 

-Private Postnatal session learning about post-natal safe abdominal and pelvic floor exercises.

-At Home Pilates Program developed

-Information on safety protocols for returning to exercise

-Learn about important factors that effect the post-natal body and exercise.

-Abdominal Separation check

-Baby welcome to attend

This program can run as private session or up to 3 mums and babies attending. 

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