Pregnancy Pilates

A Pregnancy specific Pilates class focusing on preparing your for birth and beyond.. They can help strengthen and prepare the body for birth which can also aid in the healing process afterwards. The gentle stretches and movements can also assist with the aches and pains that come when pregnant. 



Pregnancy Pilates can help with -

Back Pain,

Pubic Symphysis Disorder

Pelvic Floor Health
Breath control
Optimal foetal positioning 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

In this course we also  focus on-

Endurance for labour

Movements for optimal baby positioning

Movements for active labour

Movements to ease back aches

Preparing the mind for birth

Relaxation techniques

When - 

Tuesdays 6pm

New course starting 9th Nov.

Who - 

Pregnant Mummas 12wks +

No Pilates experience necessary 

Pregnancy Pilates are 5 week Courses and run once a term.

Maximum 5 participants per session.