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Cancer Support Pilates

Here at Reform Pilates Studio we want to help support you through your Cancer journey and have taken additional training to become Certified Cancer Exercise Specialists. We aim to help you to take an active role in your healing process.

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise which makes it a natural choice for recovery.

The exercises repattern musculature in an effective but non-aggressive manner resulting in increased strength, flexibility, and mobility. We can also do specific exercises to avoid lymphedema and rebalance the body after surgeries.


Exercise in general has far-reaching positive benefits for Cancer recovery both physically and psychologically.

Have a look at the different class types we offer, and get in touch to see how we can help


Private or Duet Sessions 

These classes start with a 1:1 Initial Consultation where we will discuss your health needs and movement goals, and learn basic Pilates tecniques. At the end of this session your Instructor will have put together a future exercise plan for you.

Fatigue is often a large barrier for motivation of exercise during cancer treatments, we have many deep breathing exercises and gentle stretches that can still be worked on if your struggling with this. This is also where individual programming will be necessary. We design the weekly programs around where your body is at that day.

Because we understand that this journey is unpredictable  classes for clients currently going through Cancer treatments have more flexible options than our regular private or duet classes. 


You are also welcome to do these sessions with your support person.

You must have permission to attend from your Health Provider.

We recommend that you call us for a phone consultation before booking.

Breast Cancer Recovery Matwork

This is a group matwork class for a maximum of 5 participants.

This class is recommended for women at least 12 weeks post treatments. (This is subject to medical clearance).

In this classes we have a focus on  -

- upper body lymphatic exercises

-deep breathing lymphatic exercises

-re-educate muscles to move effectivley

-strengthen and mobilise areas effected by surgeries

-gentle appropriate stretches -bone strengthening exercises

-improve over all health and well-being 

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