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About Pilates


Pilates is a form of exercise that is a great way to strengthen your core, keep you mobile and strong. It can be a useful tool to rehabilitate your body after injury or to cross train for athletes.

Some of the benefits of Pilates can be -

  • improves muscle strength and tone

  • increases flexibility and improves posture

  • learn deep muscle activation

  • alleviate back and neck pain

  • improves the support of the lower back

  • relieves tension in the body

  • enhances mental well being

  • improves balance

  • low impact and easy on your joints

  • for injury prevention or rehabilitation

About Us


Here at Reform we believe that exercise is more than just a set of exercises reps that move your body.  We believe Pilates is about improving your own knowledge on how to move and become more in tune with the needs of your individual body. Every body is unique and we believe that your Pilates classes should reflect that.

Originally named Central Pilates nsw we have been established around the Central Coast since  2015 and now have our own home in Toukley.

We have training and experience in working alongside physiotherapists and health professionals  in order to provide your the best care possible.

We are actively continually educating ourselves to provide the best service possible.

Pilates Studio in Toukley with highly qualified teachers in refomer and remedial l Pilates

Pilates Teacher Training

Alan Herdman Remedial Pilates Teacher Training -

500hrs teacher training including -

All studio equipment


Pilates for Pregnancy & Postnatal 

Your Instructor

Rebekah Reid started learning Pilates when she 15 years old. She trained as a professional ballet dancer in Scotland.  Pilates has helped her maintain general health and well being as well as rehabilitating her through injuries such as twisted ankles and bulging discs throughout her ballet career and with pelvic floor issues after having children.

Rebekah received her Pilates training in London with Alan Herdman who was the first Pilates teacher from the Uk to  train in New York at Jospeh Pilates Studio in the 1970's. She worked with him in his two studios under his year long mentorship programme. She is trained on all Pilates equipment as well as studying  Pilates for Rehabilitation. 

She has been teaching reformer studio classes at physiotherapist clinics and matwork group classes on the Central Coast since 2015.

She has a strong interest in Womens health issues and how Pilates can help through pregnancy and post-natal health.


She has developed her skill in how exercise supports us as we age and now has specialist Pilates training in these areas including balance training and fall prevention for seniors and how to exercise with osteoporosis.

Most recently she has done her training with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute and now holds the Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced Qualification.

Recent Continuing Education

  • Polestar - Pilates for Womens Health (Pregnancy and Post-natal)

  • Buff Bones- Exercise for Osteoporosis 

  • Body Organics - Pilates for Balance and Fall Prevention 

  • CETI -Cancer Exercise Specialist

  • Polestar - Injury Pathlogies - Shoulder, Hip, Lumbar Disc,  SIJ joint issues

Lisa Anthony Education

  •  Pilates for Seniors

  •  Pilates for hip bursitis

  •  Pilates for neck pain 

  •  Pilates for Hypermobility EDS

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