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Spine Health Pilates 

This  is a technical class which is great for beginners as we take the time to cover the basic Pilates techniques in depth, which can often be brushed over in other faster paced classes.

This class is designed for those who gently want to care of themselves which makes it suitable for clients who may have current minor aches and pains of the back neck and shoulders. It is also recommend for post-natal women as an option for returning to exercise. 

On the course we have a focus on counterbalancing the stresses that our current lifestyles put on the spine. On the course some of the factors we will look at will be - 

The use of breathe in Pilates

Addressing daily lifestyle patterns

Core strengthening

Myofascial Release

Gentle Strength and toning

Movement of the spine

Spine focused stretches

Other areas of the body which can affect your spine health

How your posture affects your health

Relaxation techniques


When - 

Not currently available,
please enquire about our Centering classes or Over 50's classes

Who - 


Suitable for those with minor aches and pains of the body.

Suitable for post-natal women.

For those with chronic or major issues studio sessions are advised. 

Maximum 5 participants per session 

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