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Breast Cancer Support 

Our Breast Cancer Support classes are Pilates Matwork classes that have an added focus on helping the body recover from the surgeries and treatments that it has been through. They are a perfect way for you to transition back to exercise and feel confident in your body again.


In these classes we have a focus on  -

- upper body lymphatic exercises

-deep breathing lymphatic exercises

-re-educate muscles to move effectivley

-strengthen and mobilise areas effected by surgeries

-gentle appropriate stretches

 -bone strengthening exercises

-improve over all health and well-being 

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When - 

Thursdays 12pm

Starting 2nd November

5 week course

Who - 

Women in recovery from Breast Cancer.

Recommended a minimum of 12 weeks post treatment 

Must have medical clearance to exercise

Maximum 5 participants per session

Whilst individual modifications will be made for each client attending, we recommend private sessions for those who may have more complex issues.

For women currently still in Cancer treatment we recommend our Private sessions.

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