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Studio Sessions

If your looking for a personalised exercise experience then our studio sessions are what may benefit you most.

We utilise Joseph Pilates innovative exercise equipment such as the Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, Arc and other small props to enable your Pilates practice to its optimum.



Limited Availability -
Taking on new clients from end of January 2024

Contact us to find out our up to date availability before booking.

Initial Consultation


To start these sessions you will have a private Initial Consultation with our Pilates Teacher who will work with you to put together a unique Pilates program that will continue to be reassessed and developed to suit your needs when your classes start.


This session will also be used to teach you Pilates fundamentals, introduce you to the different equipment in the studio and help the teacher understand your physical needs and exercise levels.

Please contact us before booking to find our availability. 

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Private Sessions

Private Pilates classes on the Central Coast, Toukley

After your Initial Consultation you can then continue with our Private 1:1 Pilates sessions.

These sessions are great for those looking for some focused 'me time'  and are particularly recommended for those who may have specialist needs or chronic pain issues.

Sessions can be child friendly

These are  50 minute sessions.

Please also ask us about our Family and Friends sessions which can be arranged to work on a 3:1 in the studio setting

Duet Sessions


These studio sessions are on a 2:1 basis and are our most popular class type.

Each client in the session continues to work on their own personalised Pilates program at their own pace with the close guidance of your Pilates Teacher.

You can be paired with another client or you can come with a friend or family member.

These sessions are 50 minutes.

Friends and Family 


These studio sessions are on a 3:1 basis.

These classes are not on the schedule but can be put on by request if you have 3 family members or friends who would like to work together. 

Please enquire for costs and availability.


These sessions are 50mins.


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